Gillard takes campaign online

Within hours of calling an August 21 poll, the video featuring Ms Gillard appealing for Australians to help her take the nation forward appeared on the popular file-sharing website.


The video was also posted on the Australian Labor Party website.

Labor’s ability to harness the power of new media during the 2007 campaign was seen as a significant factor in its victory, particularly in terms of attracting the support of younger Australians.

In her video, Ms Gillard listed the issues she believes the election will be fought on.

Action on climate change, the economy and returning the budget to surplus would be crucial policy areas over the five-week campaign which will conclude when Australians vote on August 21.

Under Labor, Australians can expect better health services, including more GPs and nurses, and a better education system, Ms Gillard said.

Under the leadership of Tony Abbott, Australians could expect to “go backwards” with access to so-called GP super clinics and computers in schools.

“This election will be about whether or not Australia moves forward or back,” Ms Gillard said.

“I look forward to the election campaign and to the judgement of the Australian people.”